Fine Cleaners and Tailor is a full service establishment, providing highest quality of dry cleaning service for our customers. Here is the list of our professional services.

  • VIP Service with 24-hour Drop-Box
    We provides free 24 hour fast drop service for VIP customers. Enrollment takes only a few minutes and the drop bag with customer ID tag will be ready for pick up at the store.
    Please sign-up here: VIP 24 Hour Drop Service Sign Up

  • Professional Shirt Laundry
    The shirts are laundered with best detergents and starch and pressed with state of art pressing machine. Missingissing buttons are replaced with no charge and neatly clipped for fresh look. Customer can order the shirt with following options:
    • No Starch, Light, Medium, Heavy Starch.
    • Hanged or Boxed.
All shirts are clipped unless noted otherwise.

  • Environment Friendly Dry Cleaning
    We are committed to our environment and so we dry-clean all garments with earth friendly detergents. So customer will pick up fresh and clean clothes without toxic chemical smell. Also, there is no need to worry about chemical reaction for sensitive skin. The cloth will even last longer. The clothes are inspected before cleaning and delicate buttons are wrapped. All the stains are marked and inspected again before delivery to customers.
  • Household Item Cleaning
    We cleans your hard-to-clean household items such as linens, dubets, bed spreads, comprters, blankets, curtains, and drapes. Household items are cleaned with environmental friendly dry cleaning or wet cleaning.
  • Leather, Seude, and Fur
    We remove stains, repair, and water-proof suede and leather garments and shoes (Ugg Boots). Let us rejuvinate your leather goods.
  • Tailoring and Alterations
    The tailoring and alteration service is done by the owner at the premise to ensure customer satisfaction. All the detail request will be serviced professionally and delivered on time.
  • Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation
    For wedding gown, we repair and clean the spots then wrapped in a acid-free chest.